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Best Motorcycle For Road Trip In India Under 5 Lakhs

When you have a diverse country like India where you can find a whole bunch of terrains to explore, going on a road trip became more than just a thrill.
To some, it’s soothing and to others, it’s a sense of belonging. But choosing the right bike for your trip is super essential because most of the time, your motorcycle is the only thing you see on empty roads. Your companion on long journeys needs to be dependable and perfect for where you’re going.
So if you have planned the trip but have not yet decided on the bike part, let us help you.
We have come with some of the most preferred bikes that solo travelers use in India for touring.
We are sure you might have heard about these bikes but let us tell you more features about them,

Here are some of the best Motorcycle for a road trip in India

Best Motorcycle For Road Trip In India Under 5 Lakhs
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350
One of the most reliable bikes when it comes to road trips in India, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 offers the rider a comfortable position to ride for a long time. The wonderful projector headlamps and the dual-channel ABS make for a super smooth ride.
  • Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220
The Cruise 220 variant of the Bajaj Avenger is made to be the perfect companion for a long journey. The tall windshield and low seating positions combined with the wide handlebars make this design very accessible and comfortable for the long haul.
  • KTM 390 Duke
The KTM 390 has quickly become one of the most loved bikes for road trips in India with a lot of people appreciating the powerful engine that comes with this bare-bodied bike along with its digital TFT display. The upright handlebars are also easy on the hands and shoulders, making it convenient on the long ride.
  • Honda CBR 250R
A favorite for travelers, especially those who like to explore hill-stations. The reason for the love it gets is the bike’s superb handling and comfort. A lot of fans believe this to be a pioneer in its kind, making it one of the most reliable bikes for road trips in India.
  • Bajaj Dominar 400
When the new model of the Bajaj Dominar came out, fans were pleasantly surprised to see the perfect amalgamation of comfort and style in one bike. With major upgrades and maximum dependability, the Bajaj Dominar 400 quickly became a roaring success within the biking community and is still held to be one of the best bikes for road trips in India.
These were just some of the top bikes for road trips in a country like India where the long journey gives you a myriad of beautiful views and just an overall experience that is hard to forget in a lifetime. We’re sure we’ll cover more of such bikes in future blogs and also take on other topics. Always remember to have all your safety equipment and gear when you go on a long journey and make sure you have fun because that’s the most important part.
To make the long haul an even smoother experience, ADV Tribe offers accessories for all your riding and adventure needs. Superior quality, comfort, and trust are what we provide, so make sure you check out the store to get everything you need before taking on the road.

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