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Top 5 Must Have Accessories For BMW GS 310, Price, Online Discount

Back in the year 2018, when the word Corona made us think of beer and not a virus that brings the whole world to a halt, BMW launched the G310 R and the G310 GS. Manufactured in collaboration with TVS to meet the growing adventure market in India. The twin bikes quickly grew in popularity and were touted as some of the best motorcycles available in India in their price segment. Even though these bikes are considered entry-level when compared to other BMW motorcycles, they were still the most expensive single-cylinder motorcycles available in India.
Cut to 2020 when the new BS6 emission norms came into play in India, which forced the manufacturers to up their game and gave the Indian touring fanbase a chance to get the best of the best in the country. The new 2020 variants of the BMW G310 R and the BMW G310 GS complied with these new norms. And even though a lot of motorcycles are losing out some of their power in order to comply with new rules, these twin bikes hold on to the same power. The  313cc BS6 motor is a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled one that generates 34 hp of power and 28Nm of torque.
The 2020 variants have received an upgrade from their 2018 version. Now equipped with full LED headlights, you will not face any issues while riding in the dark. Continuing with the LED features, the flashing indicators receive the same treatment. The new slipper clutch also allows you to downshift without any problems and stops the rear wheel from hopping in the event you have to brake hard. Apart from this, the twins also received adjustable brake and clutch levers.
If you own one of these beasts or are planning on getting them, you will need some accessories to make the most of your ride. We have compiled a list of some of the accessories you for your BMW G310 GS or BMW G310R.

Here is the list of Top 5 Must-Have Accessories For BMW GS 310

Accessories For BMW G310 & 310 GS
1. Alternator Guard
To protect your alternator from any flying debris coming your way, you need to have a guard installed on your motorbike. The ADV Tribe Alternator Guard is made with high-strength material and adds a bit of extra style. Get One Yours From Here
BMW G310 GS Alternator Guard
2. Saddle Stay
When on the long road, you are going to need to carry some extra luggage with you. This is where the saddle stay comes into play. The ADV Tribe Saddle Stay is made with heavy-duty steel and has strong frame connections for maximum reliability. Get One Yours From Here
BMW G310GS Saddle Stay
3. Skid Plate
To protect your under-engine from any unwanted material, a skid plate is one of the most essential accessories for your motorcycle. The ADV Tribe Skid Plate comes with this protection and provides for proper air circulation. Get One Yours From Here
BMW G310 GS Engine Skid Plate
4. Radiator Guard
The radiator is one of the most important parts of your motorcycle that needs special care and protection. The ADV Tribe Radiator Guard is made with T6 Aluminium and is treated to resist corrosion. Get One Yours From Here
G310RRGB radiator guard
5. Side Stand Foot Enlarger
To provide your bike with an additional balance on off-roads and softer grounds, the side stands foot enlarger is very helpful. The ADV Tribe Side Stand Foot Enlarger is made with high-grade aluminum alloy and provides you with the proper balance your bike needs. Get One Yours From Here
BMW G310GS Side Stand Extender

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